A Comunicação Organizacional e os Recursos Humanos

European HR AWARD 2011 at the 25th European People Management Conference

"The world has become far more unstable and competitive than ever before. We continuously need to find ways to gain competitive advantage whenever and wherever possible. One of these is clearly the management of human resources, traditionally regarded as a department function, and now being widely shared among all business managers. We need to take HR to the next level, bringing people and performance together.

The European Association of People Management (EAPM) and its participating national member organizations will have its 25th European People Management Conference September 28th - 30th 2011 in Istanbul, Turkey.
The theme of the Conference will be "Convergence: Rethinking the role of People Management as the catalyst".

At the Conference the winner of the European HR AWARD 2011 will be announced. Announcement of the winning Essay and Award Ceremony will be held September 29th 2011.

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